Want professional, personalized tax service and only have one or two W-2 forms?


1040-Express Service is here!


So you've got a job (YAY YOU!) and only have one or maybe two W-2 forms, a few 1099-INT's or 1099-DIV''s and need to get filed up! Schedule an appointment to meet with one of our tax professionals and let us take this task off your hands. No time to come in? No problem, we can work with you remotly! Call our offcie at 415-796-3639 Monday - Friday.

The Fine Print: 1040-Express Services are only valid for new customers with up to two (2) W-2 forms, 1099-INT’s or 1099-DIV.  Not valid with clients who have stock sales, rental income, or self-employment income. Payment for services due at the time of engagement, .