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Our Process

Getting To Know You.



If this is your first year working with us, we suggest a brief complimentary consultation with you to review your documents, discuss your expectations and outline our workflow. At the end of the meeting our tax professionals will provide you with a list of additional documents needed and quote a fee range for the service/s we will be providing to you.

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Let's Get Engaged!



Within a week of your meeting we will send you an Engagement Letter to sign electronically. This contractual document between you and us will outline our services and responsibilities to you as our client, as well as our expectations of you in providing us with information needed to render and complete our services. This will include your documentation and payment.




Once you've signed our Engagement Letter and provided necessary payment, we'll invite you to join our online client portal. From there you can securely upload and send additional documents conveniently from your home or office anytime - day or night. We'll also use the client portal to post copies of your returns, K-1's and various other documents for you to review before we transmit them to the taxing agencies. 




Upon your review and approval of the returns, we'll send your E-file Authorization documents. Typically there will be one signature form for Federal, and another for State. If you’re an S-Corp or a Single Member LLC (SMLLC) there will be three. NOTE: They must all be signed before we can file your returns. 




Great! You've signed the Engagement Letter, provided payment, reviewed and approved the returns, and signed the E-file Authorization documents. Now, we can send off your returns to the taxing agencies. Once accepted we'll upload final copies to your portal account.

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